Mitakus helps restaurants & food service providers to become more profitable and sustainable with accurate demand forecasts and customized menu and food recommendations.

Mitakus forecast and AI solution

Optimize purchasing and planning to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and minimize food waste.

The Mitakus Dashboard provides customized operational forecasts and recommendations by applying advanced AI techniques to historical internal and external data reflecting weather, prices, seasonality and many other factors.

Mitakus Advantages

Optimized by Location

Every location has special requirements based on volume, customer preferences and geographic region. Our algorithms and technology platform automatically adapt to each location’s specific conditions in real-time.


Proprietary AI Technology

We combine traditional statistical methods and proprietary AI methods to forecast demand and optimize your operations.

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Data Security

We process data only on servers within your region and never share data third parties without your explicit consent. Data security is subject to the latest standards for cloud-based solutions.

Food Waste not only reduces profits, It’s a critical environmental challenge

The dilemma with food waste

More than one third of all food produced globally is wasted every year. Food waste is a far-reaching problem with huge financial, ethical, and environmental costs.

Restaurants and commercial food service providers have few effective tools to prevent inefficiencies around ordering and waste. Until now.

The Ideal Use for AI

Fresh food is a complex product due to its perishable nature, supply chain logistics, and diners’ evolving needs and preferences.

Mitakus uses Artificial Intelligence combined with large amounts of historical ordering and consumption data to help decision makers optimize fresh food and ingredient ordering and utilization.

Mitakus Creates a Better Food Future

We help restaurant, commercial food service providers, and suppliers optimize menu planning, while saving time, resources, and money.

Not to mention that less food waste results in more efficient land, water and resource use and management. All of which has a positive impact on climate change and environmental impact.

Let’s do something for our future.

Mitakus AI optimizes resource utilization


Predictive Analytics

With the help of AI-based forecasts, we help each kitchen, and every link in the supply chain, optimize purchasing and production volumes, reducing unnecessary costs and food waste.


Recommendation System

Our recommendation system suggests products and meals to facilitate meal planning that maximize customer satisfaction and profitability, while minimizing waste and costs.


Customer Analytics

We connect a wide variety of data sources to gain new insights into customer preferences and behavior, optimizing menu planning and ordering.



All results and analysis are compiled in a central web-based solution.

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