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A web-based software that generates precise forecasts and recommendations with the help of AI algorithms with internal and external data sources.


Mithaecus (ancient Greek: Μίθαικος) was a cook and author. Mithaecus was the first known author of a formal cookbook in ancient Greece.
He was the first person to document written recipes and pass them on to future generations.

The Mitakus platform

Our flagship web-based software platform supports chefs, production and purchasing managers, and operations personnel to design menus based on customer preferences and volume, while accurately predicting ingredient requirements. This is especially important as commercial kitchens and restaurants utilize an increasing portion of fresh and perishable ingredients.

We use both internal (orders, restrictions, etc.), as well as external data (weather, location, etc.) to provide optimal forecasts for production and procurement.

What makes the Mitakus platform special

We have been working on a system that is tailored to fresh food in the gastronomy and its supply chain. Mitakus includes the specific factors of the catering and supply chain in its forecast.

Our platform uses advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to help people make their decisions from day one. Furthermore, our system is designed in a way to learn and improve itself over time.

Our easy-to-use interfaces and seamless workflow integrations are intelligible and support better data-driven decision-making.

Secure, robust and stable infrastructure supports fast integration into your system and the connection of numerous data sources, such as cash registers, ERP software, DWHs etc.

How Mitakus works?

Setup secure API

Your historical sales, purchasing, product and menu data provide the basis for the Mitakus analysis. We also consider external factors, such as the weather, holidays, vacations, events and dietary restrictions and preferences. We assist customers import their data into the Mitakus system and set up connectors to ensure the continuous integration of data.

Training of Mitakus' Algorithm

The architecture of Mitakus is designed to adapt to each of your locations. Our model is constantly evolving and adapting to your and your customers’ requirements to ensure smooth planning and production processes.

The Mitakus Dashboard

Mitakus displays KPIs, historical data, forecasts and other analytics in a personalized, easy-to-use,  browser-based dashboard.

Your advantages using Mitakus

Improve Margins

Optimal forecasts improve production, purchasing and the entire supply chain. Mitakus typically saves our customers 3-8% of food costs.

Increase Sales

Understand customers and optimize menus to match customer preferences, increasing revenue and satisfaction

Improve Sustainability

Reduce overproduction by up to 60% and food waste by up to 40%.

Achieve fast ROI

Mitakus is designed to provide a quick and transparent return on investment. We succeed only if you succeed. Customers typically achieve a 5 to 8-fold ROI within the first year.

Save Time

Eliminate inefficient spreadsheet-based planning. Minimize data preparation and automate processes with our easy-to-use SaaS-based system.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our system learns from the data and improves over time to produce continuously better results providing you a long-term and consistent competitive advantage.

The USPs of Mitakus


Mitakus uses classic statistical techniques, in-depth algorithms, and well-known machine learning approaches, including Random Forest, GLM, GBM, XGBoost, GLRM, Word2Vec, and many more.


Mitakus also has industry-leading AutoML functionality that automatically cycles through all the algorithms and their hyperparameters to find the best models.


Mitakus' cloud-based architecture allows our platform to adapt to any system and use any data source internally or externally.

Do you have More questions?


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with the complete answers.

A working internet connection. Historical order data in an electronic format (eg Excel, POS data, inventory management, etc.) as well as the desire to use an innovative solution and to improve sustainability.

Our flexible and cloud-based architecture allows us to connect almost any source to our system. If there is no API or Connector we can build this ourselves and connect with your system or database.

Protection of data has become extremely important today. At no time do external companies have access to our customer data. Your data is encrypted. Our servers are always located in the EU or the country where your business is located.

Mitakus analytics are based on historical sales data, as well as external factors, such as: weather and calendar data. The result are precise forecasts for each individual product / meal or other desired outcomes. Our AI-based models consistently achieve a accuracy of over 90% and are therefore better in the long-term than manual forecasts or predictions of conventional systems.

Mitakus is creating value from the very first month of use. On average, our customers can save up to 60% of overproduction and reduce their food costs by 3-8%. An ROI is already possible after 6 months.

Just send us an e-mail. On request, we will gladly provide you with a free demo access. We are happy to discuss your questions in a video conference or directly on site.

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